"More cars are destroyed by rust than by accidents"

- Automobile Association of America (AAA), department of statistics


You're driving through Ohio's brutal winter roads, so get super tough protection for your vehicle from rust, gravel, water, salt, road debris, stones, extreme heat and cold...all the things that can make a new vehicle old.

New cars and trucks aren't made to last the way they used to be. Factory warranties are limited and normally exclude environmental damage, including the salt and ice that tears apart your underbody. An Undercoat + RustProof Service picks up the slack and shields your vehicle from the Midwest's corrosive roads for life.


  • Moisture barriers coating over 127 square feet
  • Hard resilient seal to underbody
  • Permanent rust decay solution
  • Free inspections from our expert team
  • Rust repair options - it's not too late