Say Goodbye to Rust,
It's Not Too Late.

After just a winter or two on Ohio roads, rust starts creeping in around your bolts and weld points, and it's just going to keep spreading. If you are the kind of person that wants a permanent solution instead of repeating maintenance, the Rust Repair Service is for you.
You can be confident that your vehicle is protected from Midwest road conditions and will dramatically increase its lifespan. The Rust Repair Service has 3 stages:


1. Mechanical Rust Removal

Using a variety of tools and lots of old fashioned elbow grease, we'll clean off the rusted layers of metal.


2. Chemical Neutralization

All affected areas are treated with a compound to neutralize the chemical oxidation process, followed by a water-tight primer.


3. Undercoating + Rust Proofing

The restored underbody gets a permanent undercoat to seal off the metal from moisture and chemicals, and 18 key areas are coated in a hydrophobic rust inhibitor.


Not Sure What Your Vehicle Needs?

Some corrosion is normal, especially on the exhaust system. Some vehicles have a wax-dip frame or plastic shields. It's hard to know what to look for. Our techs are available for free expert inspections to go over your best options with you. We're known for our honesty and our fairness, and we'll help you get your best outcome. 

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